WINTER WARMERS with Deichmann

Cosy home days are one of the best things about winter. A big mug of a tea or hot chocolate, a good book, curling up by the fire, wearing PJ’s all day … it’s just the best. Here’s some inspiration for your next snuggly day at home!

Slippers are a must to go with your PJ outfit! Deichmann have some great ones this season. Go for a classic brown pair like these (£9.99) or add some festive tartan into the mix (£4.99). How about these fluffy pink slipper boots – super cute and cosy, and just £6.99! But to really take it to the next level, grab this adorable novelty pair (£4.99). Your life-long dream of walking around with two teddy bears on your feet can now come true!

Deichmann also have some beautiful accessories to go along with your shoes. For ultimate cosy factor, add a snuggly scarf for good measure (£6.99). Then if you do have to pop out for whatever reason, all you need to do is change your shoes!