Finding a perfect pair of shoes can be tricky, but black is a versatile option that many men resort to buying because the colour goes with most things.

Navy and brown shoe choices are becoming popular, but black remains a firm favourite. But there is a huge amount of choice in terms of style which can make shopping tough. We have put together a style guide for the modern man and black shoes.

Black can be worn all year round but there are casual and dress versions of shoes to choose from.

Casual varies from canvas trainers to boat shoes and are much less formal. Boat shoes are slip-on with a rubber sole and can have rope detailing.

Loafers are a slip on shoe which have slits either side of the tongue to make getting them on and off easier. They are usually leather but may include a buckle strap decoration.

Trainers can be leather or canvas but they are definitely for casual wear.

Moccasins are similar to loafers but can be made from a range of materials including suede and can feature lace or tassel designs. They are also have a flat heel whereas loafers have a slightly raised heel.

Casual shoes suit more relaxed environments; a trip to the pub, the cinema or just everyday wear.

Dress shoes come in more sophisticated styles and are often leather.

The Oxford shoe is laced with a pointed toe and slight heel – they have a closed lacing system and can be quite narrow.

The Derby shoe is often mistaken for an Oxford shoe as they are similar but the Derby has a wider fit and an open lacing system.
Brogues are low-heeled with stitching patters on the vamp while Chelsea boots are a minimal slip-on ankle boot with a round toe and low heel.

Monkstraps are similar to Derby and Oxford shoes, but instead of a laced design, have a large strap across the shoe.

Dress shoes ten to be worn mostly with a suit or for formal occasions, but the range of casual styles mean you can wear them with everything from chinos to shorts.

Black shoes look better with a darker wash denim and they tend to look dressier, so are perfect for an evening out with smart shoes. For a day look wear jeans with loafers or boat shoes.

Chinos can be paired with Oxford or Derby shoes for a smart outfit, or loafers for a more casual look.

Black shoes are often suited to darker trouser shades, navy or burgundy.

Work often calls for more formal outfits and black shoes work with navy, light grey, charcoal and black. But avoid brown suits and black shoes at all costs.

Oxford and Derby shoes can have intricate details, so keep outfits simple – a plain shirt for example.

For special occasions like a wedding, the most traditional shoe choice is the Oxford. It is more sophisticated and pairs well with a tuxedo.

Glossy, patent shoes are quite a statement and should only be worn with a suit or a tuxedo. They are shoes for an occasion and work well with a simple black suit.
There is a huge range of shoes to choose from, but if you are ever unsure then black on black or black and white is a classic combination which never goes out of fashion.