It may not be out much, but sun damage can be caused at any time of year. If you are thinking of SPF (sun protection factor) you may well have memories of covering yourself in  white, sticky cream.

But, if you are not wearing it every day, you are missing a trick – so here are five good reasons to add SPF to your beauty regime.

1 – UV rays, even on cloudy days, damages and breaks down collagen, elastin and other fibres needed to support structure. It’s estimated that 80% of sun skin ageing is caused by sun exposure.

2 – sun spots, those little patches of pigmentation, are caused by over-exposure to the sun. Even in cloudy weather, and can appear on hands, face and chest over time so invest in an SPF-rich hand and body lotion.

3 – skin around the eyes and lips is much thinner and is susceptible to a lot more damage. Grab yourself a protective lip balm.

4 –  Even  your hair could use protections as UVA and UVB rays mess with colour and condition, so keep it healthy

5 – Most importantly, wearing SPF every day can reduce the chance of developing skin cancer. So look out for make-up that has added SPF which you can top up. Try Revlon Powder Photo Ready which has SPF14.