When you ditch your winter footwear – how about customising your canvas?

Other than being comfortable and easy to wear, canvas shoes lend themselves perfectly to be customised.

They can become completely unique and walking works of art in a range of ways and some of the easiest include drawing or painting. Run riot with marker pens or paint brushes then let them sit for a day to fully dry. Spray protect them to keep the colours bold and off you go.

How about diamantes for some glitz and glam? Add some sparkle with a hot glue gun, tweezers and a load of patience. Once it’s all done and properly dry, coat the area with clear nail polish, or even glitter polish.

Bows add a certain something and can either be stuck on with hot glue or sewn on – add beads and buttons to compete the look.

Or decoupage – use pieces of fabric or paper to create a new picture and use PVA glue to ensure they stick. One common source is comic books, but any design works. If your little one wants Princess shoes the use decoupage to create the perfect pair.