It has to arrive sooner or later – spring that is! The weather will warm-up and you will be reaching for the latest look that is calling for cool.

Maybe don’t dismiss your coat just yet, but it must be time to have a look and refresh your wardrobe staples for another season with Peacocks in Broad Street.

There is period drama chic, with romantic ruffles and frills on everything from skirts to shoes. Replacing billowing ball gowns with modern shapes and figure-hugging material to add definition to your outline.

Try to avoid wearing more than one ruffled piece – you don’t want to go too far and look like a souffle!

Then there are stripes, no we mean really, really striped and not just in one direction.

Mix them with florals or even have horizontal stripes below the waist and vertically-striped top. There really are no rules for the look.

But if you want to keep it simple, go for a striped skirt dress and add a little minimalist sophistication to your look.