Come and visit Father Christmas in King’s Lynn for FREE. Find him in his grotto at every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from November 26.

Booking is essential. Select a date from the options below, you’ll then be directed to our Eventbrite booking page where you’ll be able to select a ticket for a 10-minute time slot.

Please email if you have any questions regarding your booking. If you need to cancel your ticket, you can do this via the Eventbrite booking page.

The Grotto is completely free but if you would like to make a donation to our charity pot it would be most welcome. Any money collected will be distributed to local charities in the New Year.


Sunday, November 26 <12pm to 3pm>

Thursday, November 30 <2pm to 6.30pm>
Friday, December 1 <2pm to 5pm>
Saturday, December 2 <10am to 5pm>
Sunday, December 3 <10am to 4pm>

Thursday, December 7 <2pm to 6.30pm>
Friday, December 8 <2pm to 5pm>
Saturday, December 9 <10am to 5pm>
Sunday, December 10 <10am to 4pm>

Thursday, December 14 <2pm to 6.30pm>
Friday, December 15 <2pm to 5pm>
Saturday, December 16 <10am to 5pm>
Sunday, December 17 <10am to 4pm>

Thursday, December 21 <11am to 6.30pm>
Friday, December 22 <11am to 5pm>
Saturday, December 23 <10am to 5pm>
Sunday, December 24 <10am to 4pm>